At Justin Trails Resort, our summer camps are high-energy, all-day fun that’s far from ordinary. Kids will enjoy interacting with other children, playing games, learning skills and enjoying different camp themes. Our caring staff will nurture your child through hours of camp fun! Each day features nature activities, story time, instructed classes with our staff, arts & crafts and more!

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Day Camps (going into grades 1-5) – $120

Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm  


This camp is cancelled. (The next day camp is July 16 – 19) June 18-21 Tree Hugging Hippies Come join us for an awesome week of learning all about trees while also learning the art of tie-dye! We will discover the many trees our land has to offer, learn how to identify them, play fun games plus do arts and crafts! Enroll your child today!






July 16-19 Water Wanderers Summer weather can be hotttt,so come cool off for a week at Justin Trails Resort! We will be talking about water conservation while enjoying many water games, arts & crafts and activities. Enroll your child today!






August 13-16 Flight Followers What’s the word, bird? Summer is a great time to discover the many species of birds, insects and bats that fly through out skies! Come learn with us about all the winged creatures flying above us as we play games, do nature activities plus make arts and crafts. Enroll your child today!





Overnight Camps (going into grades 6-8) – $150

Sunday 2:00 pm – Tuesday 4:00 pm


July 22-24 Art Camp Do you like getting creative? Do you want to try your hand at different art forms? This camp is for you! Come camping with us as we explore many different art forms and activities while surrounded by the beautiful outdoors! Enroll your child today!






August 5 – 7 Survivor Camp Do you think you have what it takes to survive in the wild? No matter what your answer, we can learn together! Come out and camp while learning basic survival skills such as fire building, edible plants, fort building and so much more! Enroll your child today!






August 19 – 21 Disc Golf Camp Have you ever wanted to learn how to disc golf? Come learn on our amazing disc golf courses at Justin Trails Resort. Come camp with us for 3 days as you learn disc throwing skills and try to beat your own personal scores! No experience or equipment needed! Enroll your child today!




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