7 Reasons You Should Take Your Baby To Justin Trails

child playing with flower Family Friendly Vacations, Sparta, Wisconsin, Justin Trails Resort

1. They Explore New And Different Textures
Exposure to new sensory experiences can be therapeutic and improve motor skills. Now just imagine the plethora of textures and feelings at Justin Trails Resort: leaves, black berries, rocks, prairie grass, flowers, twigs, wind, etc.

2. They Fall In Love With Nature
Where else can babies be exposed to such mind-boggling new things as toads or prairie grass? Attitudes about nature are often formed early. Being exposed to outdoor environments helps babies and toddlers develop a lifelong appreciation for nature.

3. They Breathe In Clean Air And Wander Through Grassy Meadows
Clean air is nature’s cure for everything from a stuffy nose to eczema.

4. They Get Some Sunlight
Babies under six months old should be shaded and protected from the sun.  After six months some direct sunlight is important to produce enough Vitamin D. It doesn’t take much – ten to fifteen minutes is usually enough. – That is about the time it takes to slather suntan lotion on your wriggling toddler.

5. They Are Endlessly Amused
Toddlers love repetition. At Justin Trails, toddlers can be endlessly amused by watching a stream of birds flying back and forth outside the Lodge. The sensation of touching prairie grass never fails to disappoint when grabbed, pulled and tromped through.  This can be repeated again and again with squeals of giggles.

6. They Gain A Sense Of Wonder
The country can be a brave new world for infants and toddlers. Think about how it feels to stand before a field of alfalfa, looking out to the horizon. Now imagine how that must feel for a toddler.

7. They Conk Out
The country ambiance provides the sound of birds singing and whirring breezes soon they’re out like lights…usually you too.

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